Sunday, June 21, 2009

My UT files

Here are the links to my UT files.
For some reason file front cut out a chunk in the tags.


Draft 1:

Draft 2:

Final Architecture

As you can see, my meeting space no longer has a roof shell. This was not intentionally designed. I could not import the roof shell without it screwing up the meeting space floor. I have no idea why. I tried importing it as a static mesh, and as a brush, with different textures. Even though the two parts would not touch each other. Chunks still went missing in the meeting place floor. Hopefully I won't be marked down design wise for this technical error, as you can see by my sketch up model what my original design looked like.

Peer Reviews

Textures - Movement

My Sketchup model

My sketchup model has been uploaded to google warehouse bearing the same title and tag:

The elevators

Obama's lift is a heavy, solid circular shape. I wanted something simple, but that also portrayed the idea of weight, to show sturdiness and reliability, but nothing complex or hidden.

Prada's elevator.
This was my original idea for Prada's elevator.
She is very elegant yet simple so i made a simple shape with an interesting feature of the cut away glass.

However, I later decided that I wanted it to look more weightless, to emphasize her femininity in contrast to Obama's heavier design, so took the roof off. Now, the curving glass walls are the only feature.

Meeting space and dining area draft

I made my meeting space in Sketchup.

Above: an overview of the shape of the dining area.